There is no need for happiness in order to attract any and every desire. Happiness* is one of the various ways of how contentment can be performed. It is the contentment that is letting you step into the stream of abundance. Of Prosperity. Of Love.

Master of Mind

I am a Master of Mind (MoM).

I am mastering my thinking consciously and continuously which has an immediate impact on my sensations. My mental work is enabling me to direct my sensations to where I want them to be.

In other words:

I am mastering my sentations.


By mastering my senstions I am influencing everything and everyone I am attracting into my life (Law of Attraction).

In other words:

I am creating the reality that I desire.



Everything I create is initiated, planted, nurtured, explored, developed and revealed throughy me. It is letting me becoming a mother with every thought and every idea.


Through shifting my perspectives I discover differences that are all possible and all true - I discover that my truth belongs to me. That allows me to enjoy the beauty of my own reality and to be inspired by the infinite amount of existing variations which are provided by all my encounters.


I am observing my occurring independence as I understand my leading role in my life. By hirig myself creating my own design I am acknowledging every other creator as the initiator and nurturer of his, her and its own creation.